Saturday, 1 November 2008

Inspiration for our thriller.

Our project was created with the idea of our film being a crime thriller presented in Film Noir fashion. Whilst creating the protagonist and story of the film we drew inspiration from the Max Payne game series and the film Memento, both of which have a storyline revolving around a revenge seeking hero. If we were to make the entire film on a Hollywood scale budget we would most likely shoot it in a style that blended together the techniques of the films Shoot 'Em Up and Sin City (Both of which star Clive Owen) who I personally think would make a great Jeff Grim.



Thursday, 23 October 2008

Evaluation of the Roughcut

There are a few obvious problems with our rough cut. the most clear one is that there is no sound. There is no music, or the monologue which is essential to the plot of the opening. We also need to make all of the titles and perfect the font, size, effects and timing of them. We have a list of the titles and need to make them. We have also made a Soundtrack and it will be added to the final cut. We need to finish writing the monologue and need to record it, the put it onto Final Cut Express and put it onto the Soundtrack. We will then need to prefect everything as much as we can.

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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Credit List

The following credits are in Chronological order:
  1. Twinstone Studios Presents (against black, blurry at first fade out)
  2. A Partydawg Production (Against Black Fade in across the screen, fade out)
  3. Derek van de Ven
  4. Chris Cooper
  5. Jennifer Garner
  6. With Morgan Freeman
  7. Directed by Christopher Ramsden
  8. Assisted by Adam Taylor-Creek, Tom Winter and Derek van de Ven
  9. Produced by Tom Winter, Adam Taylor-Creek, Derek van de Ven and Christopher Ramsden
  10. Screenplay by Jean-Luc Baptiste
  11. Sound editor Adam Taylor Creek
  12. Assisted by Derek van de Ven
  13. Executive Producer Jan Itor
  14. Grim Reality


Friday, 17 October 2008

Evaluation of Filming

There was one very obvious thing that went wrong with our filming, We assumed that we would be allowed to film on site at Addenbrooke's, However, 10 to 15 minutes into our filming someone came and told us that as we had not got permission we had to leave immiedietly and record over everything we had filmed. Next time we need to make sure we have permission as it was a good location. After that we came back to School to film and found a location that was ok, but it was not ideal, but we had no choice due to time. We were able to get suitable footage, which could be better however. I feel it is obvious that it was very rushed. Next time we simply need to be better organized. The filming at my house took a little longer that i first anticipated, but I was still able to get a lot of footage to work with. There were only a couple of hitches, my cameraman was too short for the camera, but that was easily sorted, setting up the scenes needed more thinking than I thought it would, and the camera ran out of battery and it took a while to work out how to plug it into the wall. Overall I thought it was stressfull but successful, need better organization.


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Shot List

Location 1: Day Filming - Addenbrooke's Car Park

Shot 1 - Jeff Grim (main character) is smoking a cigarette. We see only his hand tapping the cigarette. For this we need a fake cigarette or real unlit cigarette. We need only Derek to act, as he plays Jeff. We obviously need the camera and need to make sure there is nothing obstructing the shot. We only see Jeff's hand, so Derek will need to have his white shirt and his winter jacket.

Shot 2 - Jeff Grim takes a drag on his cigarette, but as Derek does not wish to really smoke, if necessary we should adjust the camera angle so that we do not see him put the cigarette in his mouth, but it looks like he is, half of his face will be in view. We will need Derek to be in full costume , this is suit, black tie, black shoes and winter coat. There should be no background noise, and we need to make sure that there is nobody in the way of our shots. we will need the camera, tripod and fake cigarette.

Shot 3 - Here Jeff stubs out the cigarette with his foot. For this we will have to only have the black trousers, coat and black shoes.

shot 4 - Here Jeff leaves the scene, walking slowly, being filmed from behind, from a low angle to make Jeff seem more powerful. Derek will need to be in full costume (suit, black shoes, winter jacket) The setting is still the Addenbrooke's car park.

shots 5-7 is Jeff walking around in the car park, as the whole group has not seen the setting we will decide on what is best to do at the time. These shots will last a couple of seconds.

shot 8 - This shot will be of Jeff cocking his gun . The audience will only see him holding the gun down and the n cocking it. The audience will see most of his body so Derek will need to be his costume. We will obviously need Chris's fake pistol.

There should be a shot of Jeff Grim standing still, with a blank expression. In the editing room we will make this look better with effects.

Location 2: Night Filming - Derek's house (a.k.a Partydawg's crib)

shot 1 - All these shots will be of Jeff Grim discovering mysterious things in his house. The first one will be of him discovering the TV on, with no one around = and the TV is on static, or a news programme about a murder. Jeff will be in his suit, and there should be little lighting for a spooky effect.

shot two - This shot will be of Jeff discovering a light turned on in a room where the surrounding rooms have no lights turned on. Jeff will need to be in full costume, but adjusted slightly, as this is a flashback, but the style should be the same.

shot three - This shot will be of Jeff walking into a room discovering a CD playing depressing music on it (e.g. Gregorian chant). Jeff will take a look around, walk up the the CD player and turn it off. Jeff will need the same costume as shot two. The lighting should be dark.

shot four - This shot will be of Jeff Grim discovering a window in a room open wide with the curtain flappping. Derek will need to be in full costume for this. The Lighting should be as dark as possible.

shot five - This shot will be of Jeff discovering a trail of blood leading to the back door. He then hears a distant scream and realizes that his family has been taken.


Prop and Costume list

  • unlit cigarette
  • fake gun
  • White Shirt
  • Black Tie
  • Black Trousers
  • Black shoes
  • Black Trench Coat


Monday, 13 October 2008

Location Infomation

Our First location will be a car park at Addenbrooke's. We feel this is a desolate looking location and it will be easy to film in. We will film all the daylight footage there. The desolate location should work with our character's personality. We do not know if we need permission to shoot there, due to time we will have to hope, if we do and get thrown off we will film it at school, for example on the basketball courts or outside the gym, or on the back field.
Our second location is Derek's house. all the nighttime footage will be there. Whilst it is not a desolate location, it is easy to make it look spooky at night. We think it may also show that our character had a family before he searched for Gangs.